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The beef between a South Dakota company and ABC News began in 2012, when Diane Sawyer hosted a series of scathing exposés on processed beef product used in nearly every fast food restaurant and school cafeteria around the world.

The Slimey Mess Between Beef Products Inc. and ABC News

This program was created in order to engage locals in the booming tourism industry in Rapid City.

Tourism Ambassador Program

A brief look at Patagonia's clothing recycling and repair program.

Worn Well

Poor event planning, a lack of PR planning, and encouraging social media influencers to share about the FYRE festival caused the event to go up in smoke.

Music Festival Disaster

 There are plenty of fun and family-friendly trails across South Dakota, from hikes along the large rivers and prairies in the east to trails with sweeping mountain views in the west.

5 Family Friendly Trails in SD

While there are a whopping 450 miles of trails in the Black Hills to explore, here are 10 not-to-be-missed routes to at least get you started.

10 Best Black Hills Hikes

Here are 15 excellent adventures to get you started having fun in South Dakota.

15 Must-Do Adventures
in South Dakota

In my nearly decade working in various tourism businesses, I’ve had to field my fair share of Mount Rushmore questions. Since the monument has been around for awhile now, I think it’s time to clear up over 75 years’ worth of misconceptions.

Mount Rushmore Questions You’ve Been Dying to Ask

I took over the Instagram for Visit Rapid City for a week and created content to share this beautiful city with visitors from around the globe.

Visit Rapid City Instagram Takeover

Created in response to reviewing BHSU's Fellowship of Christian Athelete's social media presence.

Social Media Suggestions

This concept for a fictitious art museum that is looking to engage local stakeholders from ages 5-75, all genders and demographics.

Direct Mailer for Art Museum

Release sent on behalf of Black Hills Reads- Grade Level Reading initiative for poster contest promoting school attendance.

Poster Contest Press Release